Automotive Innovation Lab FAQ’s

Q: What is the Australian Automotive Innovation Lab (The Lab) and what does it do?
A: The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has received government funding and board approval to establish the Automotive Innovation Lab which will increase the capabilities of Australian businesses and aid in the development of new automotive aftermarket products for local and export markets. The Innovation Lab is modelled on the highly successful USA facility – The SEMA Garage: (

This facility will support the testing and development of new automotive aftermarket products by Australian advanced manufacturing businesses, by giving them access to selected vehicles, vehicle data, special tools and equipment. The Lab will be a bricks and mortar shared facility where businesses from around Australia can come together to utilise services which could include 3D scanning and printing, measuring sessions, technology transfer, and test equipment.

Q: Who owns the Lab?
A: The Lab will operate as an independent AAAA owned entity and will deliver a range of services to the industry on a fee-for-service or subscription basis.

Q: What sort of equipment will the Lab have?
A: The Lab will comprise of a full automotive workshop along with state-of-the-art 3D scanning and measuring equipment. The Lab will also have 3D printing capabilities along with specialised testing equipment that is still being scoped.

Q: How much will it cost to use the Lab?
A: As the facility is still being developed the pricing structure has not yet been finalised.

Q: Who can access the Lab?
A: The Lab is open to all businesses and will not be limited to AAAA Members.

Q: How do I access the Lab?
A: When the Lab is operational we will provide details via member newsletters, the website and social media on how to access the Lab.  We will also be making periodic announcements on the equipment, services and pricing structure of the Lab over the next few months.

Q: When will the Lab be operating?
A: The AAAA is targeting to open the Lab in the middle of 2019

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