Our Team

Stuart Charity

Chief Executive Officer

Lesley Yates

Director of Government Relations and Advocacy

Luke Truskinger

Managing Director - Auto Innovation Centre

Cameron McLachlan

Commercial Director & Publisher

Sam Wickramasinghe

Finance Manager

Nigel Bishop

National Membership and Marketing Manager

Dale Nugent

National Account Manager - Advertising and Major Events

Daniel Nelson

Membership Development Manager

Tim Wells

Membership Development Manager

Christina Di Giulio

Events Operations Manager

Jos Roder

Marketing Coordinator

Emily Mortale

Marketing & Communications Officer

Nick Johnston

Government Relations Senior Policy Officer

Brooke Petersen

Office Manager

Daniel Wong

Assistant Accountant

Jack Day

3D Specialist – Auto Innovation Centre

Stuart Chittenden

Operations Manager – Auto Innovation Centre

Daniel Lacey

Automotive Projects and Test Engineer – Auto Innovation Centre

Tony Guan

Graduate Automotive Data and Test Engineer – Auto Innovation Centre

Will Smith

Undergraduate Engineer – Auto Innovation Centre
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