Our Team

Stuart Charity

Chief Executive Officer

Lesley Yates

Director of Government Relations and Advocacy

Tiffany Conway

Director of Membership, Marketing & Events

Luke Truskinger

Managing Director - Auto Innovation Centre

Sam Wickramasinghe

Finance Manager

Cameron McLachlan

Commercial Director & Publisher

Dale Nugent

National Account Manager - Advertising and Major Events

Nigel Bishop

National Membership Manager

Daniel Nelson

Membership Development Manager

Tim Wells

Membership Development Manager

Christina Di Giulio

Events Operations Manager

Jos Roder

Marketing Coordinator

Emily Mortale

Marketing & Communications Officer

Nick Johnston

Government Relations Senior Policy Officer

Brooke Petersen

Office Manager

Daniel Wong

Assistant Accountant

Jack Day

3D Specialist – Auto Innovation Centre

Stuart Chittenden

Auto Innovation Workshop Technician – Auto Innovation Centre
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