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The Mandatory Data Sharing Rollout – Q&A

The game changing Motor Vehicle Information Scheme (MVIS) will begin on 1st July 2022. The law will promote a fair and level playing field for independent workshops, and ensure consumers have a choice of repairer. As a AAAA member, we want to ensure you are up to date on how the rollout is progressing and how the system will work.   

Mandatory Data Sharing Rollout – Q&A

Who is overseeing the new law?

The Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority (AASRA) supports the day-to-day operation of the scheme and facilitates access to manufacturer vehicle information.

What happens on 1st July?

This is the date that all manufacturers must make available their service and repair information to all verified automotive businesses on fair and reasonable commercial terms.

What information can I access under the law?

All general repair and service information, as well as safety and security information for all vehicles manufactured after 1st January 2002 must be made available.

Can anyone access the information?

No. You must be able to prove you are a legitimate automotive business involved in servicing, repair, modification, dismantling, smash repair, or are a specialist repairer.

What’s the best way to access vehicle information?

AASRA has produced a unique subscription hub to verify your credentials and facilitate easy access to all participating manufacturers. AASRA also provides direct subscriber support.

What are the benefits of joining AASRA?

  1. The process of obtaining information from participating manufacturers is quick and easy. Only a single verification check with AASRA is required to access all participating manufacturer data portals, saving you the time and trouble of applying to each manufacturer individually.
  2. If you can’t find the vehicle information you need, you have access to a dedicated AASRA help desk that will quickly action the issue directly with the manufacturer.

How much will AASRA subscription cost?

General Service & Repair Information + Verification – $90 + GST p/a, per technician.
Security Information – $210 + GST p/a. *Additional verification required. Service available Q2 of 2023.

EV/Hydrogen Information – $50 + GST once off payment + complete the unit: Depower and reinitialise battery electric vehicles (or equivalent). This is an 8-10 hour commitment.

How much does the information cost?

Details on the subscription costs from each manufacturer will be released on 1st July to AASRA and made available publicly on the AASRA website. Data must be provided at a fair market price.

What is a fair market price?

The benchmark for a fair and reasonable price will be determined by the charges in other comparable markets and the cost of supply.  This will be monitored and enforced by the ACCC and independent repairers will be able to lodge a complaint if costs vary or are unreasonable.

What if the information I need isn’t available?

AASRA will have a help desk for subscribers to handle missing information reports, and a dedicated contact within each manufacturer to ensure missing information issues are handled in a timely manner.

How do the non-participating manufacturers fit in?

A small number of manufacturers are not participating under the AASRA model and will provide their own separate access point for repairers. These manufacturers must provide details of how repairers can access their data sharing websites plus the costs and terms to AASRA. AASRA will have all of these details available as they become available at www.aasra.com.au.

My workshop specialises in vehicles from a manufacturer that is not participating under AASRA. Why should I join?

90% of Australian brands (by sales volume) are participating under AASRA. As a specialist workshop it is likely you still service vehicles from other manufacturers and an AASRA subscription significantly simplifies and speeds up access to those manufacturer data portals. You also have access to the AASRA help desk that will quickly action any missing information you experience for any manufacturer, both participating and non-participating brands.

When and where can I join up?

You will be able to sign up shortly via the AASRA website www.aasra.com.au.

To ensure you stay up to date join the AASRA email list at: info@aasra.com.au.

What if manufacturers don’t comply?

The ACCC holds a compliance and enforcement role under the scheme. The ACCC will monitor the scheme to ensure it is being implemented as intended, and ensure information is supplied at a fair market price. There are significant penalties in place for manufacturers that do not comply with the law.

Getting it right…

Given the sheer size and scope of this ground-breaking law, the complexity of the requirements, and the stakeholders involved, there will be elements of the scheme, and AASRA subscription portal that need fine tuning and tweaking as the scheme gets underway. AASRA welcomes feedback from subscribers to ensure the scheme is meeting their needs. Feedback can be sent to info@aasra.com.au

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