Car Parc Data Tool

Car Parc Data – Exclusive Member Benefit

The Car Parc Data Dashboard is a powerful, exclusive AAAA member resource designed to help automotive businesses grow, through an easy to use, customisable database. The interactive dashboard gives businesses important insights and a better understanding of their market so they can make informed decisions. The database features national, state and postcode level insights, covers 223 car makes and 1775 unique models and also provides useful demographic information.

For Workshops/Parts Retailers [Local]

  • Access targeted information about your local customers and the cars they drive
  • Tailor your workshop offerings, or store product types and stock levels
  • Target your local marketing to drive customers to your workshop/store
  • Hunt for a favourable area to move your business, or plan expansion to another site.

For Manufacturers/Distributors [National]

  • Access valuable insights on a national and state level
  • Plan for future product development
  • Support supply and logistics decision-making
  • Understand where and how the market is changing

Boost Your Business with Updated AAAA Car Parc Data

Need Tailored Data? Just Ask Us

AAAA Members can request tailored car parc information.  Some tailored information may be provided free of charge as part of your AAAA Membership. To discuss your needs, contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

Here’s What AAAA Members Have to Say About the Car Parc Data Tool

“We were so grateful to access to the Car Parc data. It was super easy to navigate and an awesome tool. We’ve definitely been able to apply learnings to our business. Having access to the tool has really improved our understanding of Blackwood and the surrounding suburbs. We really appreciate that we we’ve been able to access specific post codes relative to our business and drill down to model and year of vehicle. It’s provided insight to our local market. We no longer have to guess where we should be focussing our marketing dollars.”
Michelle Monserrat – Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service

“OMG This is awesome! Thank you so much 😊. This will be very helpful for our SEO targeting.”
Ange Wall – Accelerate Automotive

“That is perfect – exactly what I needed!  This is highly valuable as it has enabled us to make an informed decision based on data. 😊”
Tim Lennon – R & J Batteries

“Since using Car Parc data provided by the AAAA to analyse and fine tune this stores stockholding, the turnover has increased by 25% over the previous financial year. Some of the data confirmed what I suspected, but I was surprised at some of the report. You can’t argue with hard data, much more accurate than making assumptions.”
Steve Mcvie – Burson Automotive

Case Study

CLICK HERE to learn how Cathy and Darren Shaw from Bentleigh Automotive Services used the Car Parc data to power their advertising. Thanks to Capricorn Society for featuring this great story.

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