Industry Advocacy

AAAA government relations and advocacy supports and grows our industry. We have a track record of successful campaigning and influencing government policy and programs. There is a great deal that can be achieved when we take a unified industry position to government and we are more influential as an industry association than any one company acting alone. Our actions have resulted in industry standards and regulation that supports both road safety and business growth. Our members are good employers and make a significant contribution to the community and the economy and that’s the message we take to government.

AAAA government relations and advocacy fights for fair and open competition in our industry. We work with our members on industry issues. Our strengths will always be underpinned by the active participation of members. We welcome your support and would love to hear from you. Here’s how to contact us:

Phone: (03) 8513 9971

Click here to view a list of recent campaigns we have worked on in the last couple of months.

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