AAAA Migration Inquiry Submission

The skills shortage has reached critical levels in our industry.  AAAA Members are aware that we are working on several fronts simultaneously to alleviate the critical skills shortage including recruitment and retention initiatives.  Recently we put forward a formal auto aftermarket submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration’s inquiry titled Migration, pathway to Nation Building.

We know that there is no one fix to the Skills Shortage currently affecting our industry. However, years of Government inaction on Automotive Skills combined with glaring issues with our skilled migration system is creating a huge disincentive for people to join and stay in our industry. This results in everyday stress for our workshops and potentially dangerous vehicles on the road as car owners wait longer and longer for vehicles to be serviced.

While Jobs and Skills Australia recognises that several Automotive Trades are in critical shortage, AAAA will continue to campaign on logical changes to the migration system to ensure the system isn’t creating additional hurdles for our industry. If you have any stories that you would like to share, please email


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