How ‘Future Ready’ is our Industry?

The AAAA is interested in your attitudes, and plans for the future. We would like to know how ‘Future Ready’ our industry is in 2023 so that we can track changes, support industry and advocate for good government policy. 

We’ve commissioned Fifth Quadrant (formerly ACA Research) to conduct a survey into this, to find out your thoughts on EVs, Hybrids and other alternative energy vehicles. Are you well prepared for new vehicle propulsion systems, or are you going to wait for the moment when zero and low emission vehicles become more widely available. Do you think the EV discussion is over-hyped or are we not paying enough attention to what is a very real challenge to our future?

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete, and we will use these results to provide good intelligence to the industry on current and future investment in the automotive industry. You can also leave your details to get a free summary of the results.

Complete the survey HERE

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