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WA: Changes to Motor Vehicle Repairer Laws

On 25 September, changes to motor vehicle repair laws took effect in Western Australia. These changes affect the classification of repair work and the definitions of accessory fitting and trimming work. The number of classes of repair work has reduced from 29 to 23.

Repairers with current certification in these classes do not need to take any action as their existing repairer’s certificate will remain valid.

From 25 September 2021, as part of the transitional arrangements, tradespersons will still have 12 months to apply for certification in a superseded class. This will provide people with enough time to submit an application to seek certification in a superseded class including someone who is currently obtaining a qualification in a superseded class.

The definition of electrical accessory fitting work and mechanical accessory fitting work has changed. Certification will only be required for work to install or remove an accessory where that accessory affects the performance, safety or security of a motor vehicle.

The definition of trimming work has also changed, with certification only required for trimming work which affects the performance, safety or security of a motor vehicle. Where trimming work involves parts of a vehicle which affect performance, security or safety (e.g. airbags or sensors), then this must be carried out by a certified repairer.

These changes do not affect repairers already certified for either electrical accessory fitting, mechanical accessory fitting, or trimming work. You can find the list of affected work classes and more information on these changes HERE

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