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WA: Changes to Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations

On 24 September, changes to WA’s MVR regulations came into effect.

A new repair class has been added for ‘wheel aligning, steering and suspension’ (WSS) work. To apply for this class, repairers must have completed these units:

  • AURAEA002 – Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace;
  • AURASA102 – Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace;
  • AURATA001 – Identify basic automotive faults using troubleshooting processes;
  • AURTTD002 – Inspect and service steering systems;
  • AURTTD004 – Inspect and service suspension systems;
  • AURTTJ011 – Balance wheels and tyres; and


  • AURLTD106 – Carry out light vehicle wheel alignment operations; or
  • AURHTD104 – Carry out heavy vehicle wheel alignment operations.

The new WSS class does not allow the repair of steering and suspension systems. These types of repair work were included in the class of steering, suspension and wheel aligning work (SSW), which is no longer available. You can continue to repair steering and suspension systems if you already hold the SSW class.

The new scope of the WSS class will only apply to repairers who have this class added to their repairer’s certificate after 24 September 2022.

The Driveline and transmission (DTW) work class has been deleted due to low demand. Repairers currently certified in DTW or a previous driveline/transmission work class can continue to carry out this work.

Click HERE to see a comprehensive list of work classes and supporting information.

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