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5 Things You Need to Know About Stage 4 Restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne

  1. Can customers get their car serviced/repaired? Customers that require critical maintenance or repairs to ensure their vehicle is operational and safe can use your services. Services covering essential and critical ‘Vehicle repair, servicing and maintenance’ are permitted to open for on-site work with a COVID Safe Plan in place (see Point 5). Enforcement of the Stage 4 restrictions is likely to be comprehensive and a ‘business as usual’ approach won’t suffice. Every site permitted to operate under these restrictions (DHHS – Permitted Work Premises) must comply with Victoria State Government regulations. Businesses can seek further clarification via the Business Victoria Coronavirus Hotline on 13 22 15 or visit the Business Victoria Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Support page.

  2. How far customers can travel Customers should not travel further than 5km from their place of residence unless there is no alternative. Documentation/evidence of why customers are travelling should be used by the business to provide to the customer for peace of mind when they are travelling to your workplace. AAAA Members can access our Customer Accessing Workshops During Lockdown template via our Member Portal.

  3. Parts supply confusion Supply of Repair and Critical Maintenance Parts is permitted. We can see that Warehousing of Auto Parts is specifically mentioned as prohibited, however, the supply of parts for Automotive Repair and Critical Maintenance is allowed, as is the supply of parts for permitted industries (for example; road freight transport, health, defence and emergency services) and fulfilling online orders. Here is the full list of Stage 4 Businesses Open and Closed. AAAA Members can access our Stage 4 Sub Sector Breakdown and Principles via our Member Portal.

  4. Reasons to travel to work The wording for the Work Permit was changed late in the government’s process (at 11pm 5th August). This is important because the fines for misleading work permits are penalties of up to $19,826 for individuals and 99,132 for businesses – these penalties can be imposed on employers who issue worker permits to employees who do not meet the scheme’s requirements. There are also on-the-spot fines of $1,652 for individuals and up to $9,913 for businesses. These can be issued to those who do not carry their permits when travelling to and from work. We have provided the list of DHHS – Permitted Work Premises and the Permitted Worker Permit Form for your reference.

  5. COVID Safe Plan Workplaces with over 5 employees that remain open must have a COVID Safe Plan and it must be operational by 11.59pm Friday (tonight). There are 2 COVID Safe Plan resources provided (Business Victoria COVID Safe Plan – Form Guidance and Business Victoria COVID Safe Plan – Form Template). An additional COVID Safe Plan is available for AAAA members via the Member Portal. Part of a COVID Safe Plan is to have a visitor register (Workplace Attendance Register Template). A visitor register is required for every business, even if you are under 5 employees.

Our industry is ready to obey the letter and the spirit of the restrictions to keep our communities safe. AAAA continues to have a strong dialogue with government and is committed to supporting our automotive supply chain and our independent repair and service workshops. Let’s all be safe and do the right thing for this stage 4 restriction period.

For AAAA Members, you are able to access our comprehensive collection of Stage 4 lockdown information and forms via the Member Portal to assist you respond to this situation. You can continue to use the Employer Assist Hotline and Advocacy contacts for support specific to your needs.

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