2019 AAA Expo Seminars Will Help You Build a Better Automotive Business

The 2019 Australian Auto Aftermarket (AAA) Expo being held from April 4 to 6 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre features a series of informative and educational free business seminars, designed to help you build a better automotive business.

On the opening day of the Expo, Thursday April 4 (3:15pm) Expo visitors will be able to learn from one of the Australian automotive aftermarket industry’s most accomplished business training leaders. Rachael Sheldrick, who is better known as The Workshop Whisperer, brings more than a decade of sales and marketing experience specifically within the automotive repair and servicing industry.

Ms Sheldrick brings the practical experience of taking her husband’s own automotive repair business from zero to sustained success by implementing marketing strategies that everyone can relate to and implement to grow their own automotive servicing and repair businesses.

 At the 2019 AAA Expo, Ms Sheldrick will conduct a comprehensive seminar titled “How To Tune Your Business For Tomorrow’s Customer.”

Keeping your business in tune with today’s automotive aftermarket is the key focus of this seminar. Today’s savvy customers are looking for value, expertise, and convenience from their choice of repairer, they expect you to be found online, have a great looking workshop, and to speak to them in plain English about their servicing or repair requirements.

Ms Sheldrick will explain how your business needs best practice basics and systemisation to position it as the most attractive proposition in the mind of the customer. This seminar will provide the tips needed to optimise your business for success by getting the basics right.

The second day of the 2019 AAA Expo feautures a seminar based totally on Innovation and how one factor facing our industry is absolutely certain  – the rate of change and disruption caused by innovaton is constantly increasing.

Friday April 5 (11:30am) features an informative seminar led by Ryco Group Executive General Manager, Amy Frangos, who will share her thoughts on how innovation will help the automotive aftermarket industry into the future.

Ms Frangos brings her expertise gained during a meteoric career over the last decade that has seen her occupy senior management roles in Process Engineering, Strategy and Business Development and Innovation Consulting. In her current executive management role with the Ryco Group, Ms Frangos has established an innovation program that centres on instilling customer focus across the entire organisation along with business group mentoring.

This enlightening seminar focusses on the fact that innovation is here to stay and needs to be embraced by automotive repair and service business, no matter how large or small. It will help bring understanding and clarity to the fast paced technological changes that are taking place in repair techniques, maintenance regimes and the lifecycle of replacement parts.

You can take part in both of these and many more business building seminars totally free of charge when you register to attend the 2019 AAA Expo, which is being held concurrently with the 2019 Collision Repair Expo (CRE) at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 4 to 6.

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