Automotive Right To Repair Law On Track

A significant milestone toward the highly anticipated implementation of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Information Sharing Scheme occurred today, with the inaugural Board meeting of the Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority (AASRA).  The new Law requires the operation of an industry body to implement the secure data release model and the program that supports EV repair and service information.

Hosted at the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) national office, the meeting was the first official meeting of the industry body formed to operationalise the new legislation, which begins 1st July 2022. The Australian Law is quite unique in that the establishment of an industry body is designed into the Legislation.

AASRA brings together the major parties representing the interests of the automotive industry.  The AASRA Board of Directors includes representatives from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), the Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA), the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) and the AAAA.

“After months of informal meetings and work behind the scenes, the Authority’s first official meeting is a highly significant moment that demonstrates the extensive progress made in the implementation of the new mandatory data sharing law for our industry. It’s great to have the parties all come together and work constructively to support the new law for the benefit of the industry and consumers,” said Stuart Charity, CEO of the AAAA. 

AASRA will oversee and manage the release of security related information, EV service and repair information, provide education, follow up any missing information, provide a dispute mediation and resolution service, and recommend improvements as necessary.

The Australian data sharing scheme will be based on NASTF, a tried and tested model successfully being used in the U.S. This model allows for the safe, simple and secure transfer of required data to repairers.   

“The key message for independent repairers is that we are on track and working hard to ensure everything is in place for the Law and we are confident the roll-out of the scheme will be ready for 1st July 2022,” said Stuart.

More information on how to access information, what will be made available, and at what cost will be shared via the AAAA communication channels over the coming months. The upcoming Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, 7 – 9 April 2022 will also be a key opportunity for the industry to learn the latest on the new Law, thanks to dedicated seminars that will inform repairers about how the Law works and answer key questions on this crucial scheme.

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