Why Autocare is the Most Valuable Automotive Training Event For 2023

Welcome back – I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break with family and friends and are feeling rejuvenated for another trip around the sun like I am.

Starting a new year is always a great chance for us to take stock and assess where we are at, and to set personal and business goals for the year ahead.

For technicians wanting to increase their skills, and business owners wanting growth and better ways to operate, it is important to understand where the industry is headed, how the car-parc is changing, and the challenges facing the automotive service and repair industry. It is then important to learn and discover how to turn these changes and challenges into opportunities.

Fortunately, a key purpose of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) is to provide the insights and intel needed to help businesses prepare for a successful future. We are the national association responsible for protecting and promoting the entire aftermarket industry. From our government advocacy efforts to our research work and direct business services, we actively support, inform and educate our members and the wider industry, to help business owners and technicians like you thrive.

That brings me to the Autocare skills and training convention, and the important role this event can play in achieving your goals.

Autocare was founded by the AAAA with direct industry input, to provide the ‘one-stop-shop’ national training event for automotive technicians and business owners. It is the only education-led national convention that can directly increase your skills and provide workshop management ideas that will inspire and prepare you for ongoing success.

Taking place on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of June 2023 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Autocare will bring together an unparalleled group of leading industry experts and trainers, local and international, for an intensive two-day training convention. We have built two tailored training programs; the Technical Training program for technicians and apprentices, and a Workshop Management program for business managers and owners, with both optimised to provide maximum learning value.

The Workshop Management Program covers the topics you need to know to boost your business performance, sustainability and productivity. Kicking-off the Autocare agenda will be a must-attend session titled ‘The Automotive Aftermarket – 2023 And Beyond.’ This session will be a perfect introduction and overview of global and industry trends, and what they mean for your business now and into the future.

Themes of this session will include vehicle data sharing, the electrical vehicle evolution, industry regulation, the pace of vehicle technological change and the skills shortage. This keynote session will be led by respected leaders of the aftermarket including Capricorn Society Group Chief Executive Officer, David Fraser; MTAQ Chief Executive Officer, Rod Camm; and GPC Asia Pacific Automotive Division Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Bryant.

I regularly hear from automotive businesses large and small about the skills shortage in our industry and the ongoing challenge of attracting and retaining good talent. The Autocare convention will comprehensively address this critical issue. Attendees will learn from business leaders and recruitment specialists on the latest employment data and trends, what is being done at government and industry level to address the shortage, and proven tips and techniques to increase efficiency in your recruitment and retention processes.

The Workshop Management program includes a broad range of in-demand subjects you will benefit from including customer service best practices, relationship building and business networking, digital marketing, cyber-security and risk management, mastering difficult conversations, business planning, environmental sustainability and more.

The pace of change in vehicle technology over the last decade is staggering. We are acutely aware of the challenges this presents to workshops. Technicians not only need to understand the fundamental mechanical principles, but also understand, diagnose, recalibrate and repair the advanced, complex technological systems now integrated into all modern vehicles.

That’s why, at Autocare 2023, to address these challenges head-on we have the best panel of technical trainers ever assembled under one roof to share cutting-edge diagnosis and repair methods on the most sought-after technical subjects. This will help technicians more efficiently service and repair modern vehicles. Technical Training sessions cover pass thru technology, oscilloscopes, advanced diagnosis, sensor and component testing, EGR systems, fuel injection systems, exhaust aftertreatment, diesel specific diagnostics and more.

The other huge technical change for our industry is the EV evolution. This shift will take time; however, the aftermarket industry needs to be prepared, and ready to invest in the training and equipment needed to capitalise on this transition. Autocare features highly informative sessions covering the latest EV car-parc trends, as well as technical subjects focusing on battery maintenance, EV tools, EV servicing, EV safety and more.

We’ve incorporated an exciting trade show into Autocare with over 100 of Australia’s best companies sharing their latest technology, equipment, tools and services – a perfect complement to the Autocare training programs.

There is an old saying which states, ‘we don’t know what we don’t know,’ and Autocare 2023 offers you the chance to find inspiration and new ideas that will have a transformative effect on your career, and your business.

Investing in Autocare for yourself and your team is a great way to make your 2023 goals a reality. Make sure you order your tickets before the 30th of March to save money by taking advantage of the early bird rate.

For more information on the vast array of training and featured exhibitors at Autocare and to book your tickets, visit

Here’s to a hugely successful 2023 for all of us.

Stuart Charity
Chief Executive Officer

This article was originally published in the February Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine

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