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COVID-19: Safety and Compliance Check for Employers

Safe workshop practices such as contactless service, sanitising vehicles, protecting workers and customers remain in place as The Australian Automotive Aftermarket plays its part in doing the right thing throughout this pandemic. See below for information regarding employers duty of care, what a COVID-19 compliant workplace looks like, and what to do in the case of workplace exposure to COVID-19.

Your Duty of Care – Reminder

  • Several scenarios could occur in your workplace that may expose employees and yourself to the risk of becoming infected and spreading the COVID-19 virus.
  • As a business owner and employer you have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of your workers (and other people in the workplace e.g. customers) and eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Ask yourself if you are taking all necessary and possible steps to protect your workers from the spread of COVID-19 and also, how you are recording these steps. It is prudent to take photographs, video and written records of the steps you have taken so that you have evidence that demonstrates you are complying with your duty of care which may be of use in the event that a claim is made by a worker or you face legal action.
  • You have access to information sheets and tips about steps to take in the workplace to reduce the spread of COVID-19 – including: sanitisation, contactless processes, social distancing and instructions to keep anyone showing any flu like symptoms out of your workplace. You are encouraged to utilise these resources.

What does a COVID-19 compliant workplace look like?

Safe Work Australia have extensive resources and fact sheets available for businesses operating during the pandemic, including a “keeping your workers safe” checklist, physical distancing guidelines, and cleaning checklists. Click HERE to access these valuable resources.

These information sheets are simple and easy to follow and we recommend that all employers click through what is available here – these resources are invaluable and answer the important questions: Are you keeping your employees safe? Is there more I should be doing? What does a safe workplace look like?

Work Safe Inspections

There are spot inspections being conducted by state Work Safe authorities to ensure businesses are adhering to restrictions and keeping their employees safe. Follow the Safe Work Australia workplace check lists accessible above, for critical information on how to achieve and maintain compliance, to keep updated on the restrictions in your area or state to ensure you and your workplaces are complying with state and area restrictions. For Victorian areas under lockdown: ensure your employees are wearing masks. Click HERE to review legal advice on employer’s obligations regarding workplaces and masks.

An Employee has Tested Positive for COVID-19: What do you do next? Do You Have a Plan?

Safe Work Australia have outlined a plan for employers in the case of workplace exposure. The fact sheet also contains a hotline number for every state and territory to call for specific information to your location and circumstances.

Image: Safe Work Australia

For Victorian members, there is comprehensive advice from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) on preventing, planning and responding to COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace HERE.

For NSW members, the NSW Department of Health resources on planning and responding to an outbreak HERE.

Decontaminating Workplaces Following an Outbreak

Safe Work Australia also have a checklist on decontaminating your workplace after contamination or suspected contamination HERE

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