Get Fresh Business Ideas at the 2015 AAAExpo

A comprehensive seminar program to inform you about the latest technologies and business techniques will be a highlight of the 2015 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo to be held from 16 to 18 April in Melbourne.

The Expo Seminar Program was developed by the organising committee, which is made up of senior auto aftermarket industry executives. The team researched the latest innovations and trends in the industry and booked leading educators to present information designed to make a tangible difference to your business.

Hosted by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), the Expo Seminar Program will provide workshop owners and managers, parts distributors, resellers and retailers with a once in two year opportunity to focus on fresh ideas for your business.

The Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo is a trade only event. Entry is free – including the Expo Seminar Program – to all automotive industry professionals.

AAAA Executive Director Stuart Charity said a range of critical issues will be addressed by the seminar presenters. “Our industry is undergoing unprecedented change driven by economic factors, the complexity of the car parc, changes in vehicle and information technology and the needs of our workforce and customers,” said Stuart Charity.

“Our objective with the seminar program is to ensure that Expo visitors have all the information they need to keep their business one step ahead of the competition,” he said.


Seminars to help grow your business
Presented on Friday 17 April and Saturday 18 April, 2015 by recognised industry leaders, the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo Seminar Program includes nine sessions targeting two main themes critical to today’s independent auto aftermarket:

  • Following the recent AAAA Choice of Repairer campaign outcome which resulted in an industry wide agreement requiring car companies to make technical and diagnostic information available for sale to independent aftermarket workshops, it is timely to focus on technical and diagnostics challenges with modern vehicles.
  • Given the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive market place, the other seminar theme explores methods to improve the performance of your businesses and employees.

The box item below lists the full Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo Seminar Program. Note that bookings for these free seminars are essential and can be made at


See the new products
Stuart Charity said the 2015 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo is a virtual sell-out. “There has been huge demand by exhibitors for display space at the 2015 Expo and exhibitors represent the very best local and international brands in our industry,” he said.

“This means Expo visitors will have a unique one-stop-opportunity to see and experience the nation’s largest display of the latest vehicle repair and servicing equipment, replacement parts, tools and accessories.

“In addition to learning about new business opportunities and visiting the busy exhibition, the Expo is a fantastic networking opportunity. You will catch up with people from all around the country you don’t get to see often and meet dozens of others that can contribute ideas and innovations to help improve your business,” said Stuart Charity.

To see the full list of exhibitors and learn more about the 2015 Expo, visit:


Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo Seminar Program
Each seminar runs for about one hour. While your entry to the Expo and the Expo Seminar Program is free, bookings for seminars are essential and can be made online at:

Friday 17 April 2015
11.00 – How to Avoid Unfair Dismissal – Unfair dismissal claims are costly and can be easily avoided if the proper process is followed. This seminar will clarify when a dismissal is considered unfair and explain simply the steps to be taken prior to dismissing an employee to reduce the risk of an unfair dismissal claim. Presenters are the AAAA Employer Assist team of Andrew Frieberg and Gwen McIlroy.

12.30 – Driving Staff Productivity – Failure to get the most out of staff frustrates workshop owners. Learn how to set output expectations and revenue targets, making good use of available hours. An understanding of the critical numbers to be monitored every week will be covered, along with setting up a staff scoreboard to encourage a productive team spirit. Presenter is Geoff Mutton, Head Business Trainer at The Automotive Technician.

14.00 – Using Social Media to Strengthen your Business. There’s an increasing pressure to “be on social media”, but what benefits does it deliver in real terms? Can you make money and increase sales from it? This presentation is a review of the different aspects of social media, and how they can work for your business. Learn how to drive customers to your door, making them choose your workshop above all others. Presenter is Tara Poole, Snap-on Tools PR and Media and Chief Executive of Riis Strategic Consulting.

15.30 – Modern Testing Techniques. It is possible to make challenging jobs easier and profitable. This practical session explores diagnosing problem vehicles to cope with the rapidly increasing complexity and sophistication of the modern car. It covers systematic approaches to diagnostics, the latest testing gear and fault finding procedures based on real life case studies. Presenter is Jeff Smit, Director and Trainer at The Automotive Technician.

16.45 – Vehicle Data sharing and Telematics. Learn the outcome of negotiations with the car industry in Australia on an industry led Code of Practice to facilitate vehicle information sharing. This session will also cover servicing of vehicles under warranty, capped priced service offers and the impact that telematics or “connected cars” will have on the future of the independent aftermarket. Presenter is Stuart Charity, Executive Director of the Australian Auto Aftermarket Association.

Saturday 18 April 2015
11.00 – An insight: 4X4 Suspension lifts up to 50mm. Learn the latest about the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Modification and the potential impacts on vehicle systems when raising 4×4 suspensions with current production vehicle case studies. Presenter is Chris Ellis, Product Engineering Manager at Monroe / Tenneco.

11.00 – Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) – Removing the Fear. What is a DPF and how do they work? Gain an understanding of the aftermarket opportunity in Australia with a focus on European vehicles and the changing Australian car fleet. We explain the role DPFs play in the mechanical health of a modern diesel vehicle. Presenter is Leif McManimm of SpareCo

12.30 – Overcoming Common Technical Faults. Learn solutions to the most common faults logged from the field with Autodata. With over 6500 known fixes available to Autodata customers, this seminar discusses common problems workshop technicians encounter today. Presenter is Wayne Mander of Autodata Australia.

14.00 – How to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers. Are you finding it harder and harder to make a profit as an independent workshop owner? This session will show you in just 3 easy steps how you can raise your prices to increase your profits, without losing your customers to the competition. Presenter is Rachael Sheldrick of the Workshop Whisperer.

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