Leveraging Online and Digital Opportunities

A feature of the Autocare 2018 Convention will be three separate seminars designed to assist auto aftermarket companies to better understand the challenges and leverage the opportunities presented by digital and online channels.

Bruce Morrison, CEO of Motoractive will cover the topical issue of the entry of Amazon into the Australian market with a seminar titled ‘How to embrace Amazon without screwing up your bricks and mortar business’.  Topics covered during this seminar will include, the Amazon effect in Australia, what’s all the hype about and why you can’t ignore it,  how will Amazon affect the auto aftermarket, what’s worked in the USA and the UK and considerations & recommendations for right now.

Sparesbox CEO Leon Saliba will tackle the need for automotive suppliers to embrace technology in his presentation titled ‘The genie is out of the bottle’ In his presentation Leon will argue that the auto industry is poised for more change in the next couple of years than it’s had in the past 50 years and that we have entered the generation of the Tech Revolution where the customer is more in control than ever. To leverage these opportunities companies will need to become digital innovators.

And finally Auto Guru Founder and CEO Eden Shirley will discuss the topic ‘Disruptors or enablers. The rise of digital intermediaries’ which will examine the role digital intermediaries have had on the competitive landscape in industries such as tourism and hospitality.  Eden will then discuss the current and future state of the automotive repair sector and provide his opinion of the role online directories, marketplaces and international websites will play in our industry over the next ten years.

Autocare 2018, Australia’s Premier Convention for automotive parts, service and repair professionals will be held at the Sydney International Convention Centre on May 4 and 5. To view the full Convention program and to register to attend visit:

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