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Proud Australian Companies Investing in Australian Manufacturing

There are more than 300 automotive companies manufacturing in Australia, with a combined annual revenue totalling $4 Billion, employing close to 10,000 people. The sector is still a critical component of our broader economy, and keeps Australia moving.

Australia has a proud history of manufacturing and is respected around the world for quality and cutting-edge products. And this trend continues today. Some companies are even doubling down on local manufacturing, investing further and taking advantage of the benefits.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that in times of crisis, international supply chains can be threatened or otherwise affected, impacting businesses reliant on imported products. The tough times locally have also strengthened the country’s desire to buy Australian made products as a way of supporting our economic recovery.

Century Batteries was one company well positioned to weather and benefit from this challenging economic environment. Demand for their batteries increased as international supply chains were affected and a surge of support arose for locally made products.

In great news for local manufacturing, Century Batteries is investing further in their Australian manufacturing capability, which is a significant commitment to their more than 600 employees across Australia and New Zealand. The company will invest $7 million in their Queensland based manufacturing facility, which upon completion should increase production to over 1.3 million batteries a year, using components almost exclusively sourced locally.

The AAAA is very proud of our local manufacturing sector and the fantastic range of high-quality products parts and accessories that are used and fitted to vehicles both locally and internationally. Century Batteries is one success story, and clearly shows that Australian manufacturing businesses do succeed and prosper.

Although governments have provided support to manufacturing businesses throughout the pandemic, the AAAA believes more can be done to support our aftermarket manufacturers. The AAAA is advocating that governments change fleet buying and leasing practices that could be currently costing the local automotive aftermarket industry millions of dollars.
We are urging Governments to introduce policies that require their fleet and leased vehicles requiring upgrades and modifications, to be fitted with products purchased from Australian producers where these exist.

We also continue to educate the market through our Choice of Repairer campaign that aftermarket accessories and modifications produced by reputable Australian aftermarket companies do not void vehicle warranties or compromise safety.

We will continue to acknowledge and showcase our proud manufacturing industry, and where required, fight to ensure our manufacturing sector is protected and has the opportunity to survive and thrive.

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