Up and Running with the Motor Vehicle Information Sharing Scheme

Workshops have wasted no time signing up to access manufacturer information thanks to the new Motor Vehicle Information Scheme (MVIS) which began on the 1st of July.

It is fantastic to see this game changing law that we fought so hard for finally in action, and making a real difference for technicians servicing and repairing vehicles around the country.
Over a thousand automotive professionals have now joined the Australian Automotive Service and Repair Authority (AASRA) portal to access this manufacturer information, with more joining every day.

The AASRA portal is a specialised hub built for technicians as a single location to easily and quickly access all participating manufacturer portals. The beauty of subscribing to AASRA is that it removes the need to manually sign up and get verified with each manufacturer. Subscription is only $90 per year, per technician, for standard level access. AASRA subscribers also have the benefit of help desk support to quickly action any missing information with the manufacturer on your behalf.

A common question we receive is how much each manufacturer charges for the information. This pricing can be accessed via the AASRA website under each manufacturer’s information page.

Vehicle security and reprogramming information has proven to be a sought-after component of the scheme. To facilitate access to this information AASRA offers Assisted Initialisation Reprogramming (AIR). This system enables AASRA subscribers to receive assistance in solving their security and reprogramming requirements through vetted vendors and dealers. The AIR is an interim solution for security professionals and AASRA is working to fast track the dedicated Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) program so they can access this information directly, with the goal of having the program online in the fourth quarter of 2022.

I encourage all workshops who require vehicle information as part of their operations to subscribe at It is a small investment that can make a big difference for your business. If you have general questions on how the MVIS and AASRA portal works, check out our great Q&A article here at

Although the scheme is off to a solid start, the scale and complexity of the scheme has resulted in some technical issues for some applicants and users which AASRA has acknowledged. Please be patient if you encounter an issue, the AASRA team is working hard to improve the system and respond to feedback as quickly as possible. To bolster support for the program, AASRA has appointed a new staff member to assist with applications and administration, a phone help line will soon be available, and a video has been produced to walk applicants through the sign-up process.

I am excited to report that the Auto Innovation Centre will become a new Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) hub, supporting the transition to electrification within the aftermarket manufacturing, service, repair and modification sectors. The AIC was awarded a grant by the Victorian Government as part of their
Zero Emission Vehicles Commercial Sector Innovation Fund.

As a unique, cutting-edge facility designed to support the aftermarket with leading technology and services, plus with a well-equipped workshop and training spaces, the AIC is the ideal platform to launch a project of this nature. The timing for the Grant is perfect given ZEVs are an area of increased focus for the Association and the aftermarket industry.

The AIC will become a hub for aftermarket companies wishing to develop new products for these vehicles, and become a key training facility for technicians to gain the specialist knowledge required to repair and maintain ZEVs. We look forward to working closely with the AIC to support this evolution for the automotive industry.

Apprentice Survey
In an environment that is being dramatically impacted by skills shortages, it’s been great to see so many workshops taking advantage of the research findings from our Apprentice Survey.
The findings are fascinating, and provide great insights that will assist your efforts to attract
new talent and retain valued staff members moving forward. If you are a workshop manager
or owner and haven’t done so, we encourage you to download the free survey results at

I would like to thank our fantastic members across Australia, small and large. Our membership renewal levels are incredibly strong and new businesses are regularly signing up to realise the benefits for their business, and for the prosperity of the industry. It is our members that continue to drive our purpose and we appreciate your ongoing support.

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