Performance Racing & Tuning Council

The Performance Racing and Tuning Council (PRTC) is a specialist industry council of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA). The PRTC has been formed to provide advice, understanding and a strategic approach to current and potential performance, racing and tuning market issues from regulators, governments, enthusiast and community groups. Our goal is to promote professional and responsible activities within the performance racing and tuning sector.

It is our objective to:

  • Promote and facilitate growth in our industry, through effective communication and education
  • Provide specific regulatory advice & advocacy
  • Identify opportunities, future trends and technologies
  • Promote networking with other PRTC members
  • Promote road safety & sanctioned off-street motorsport events including drag-racing and drifting


In order to become a member of the PRTC, a company must first be a member of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA).  PRTC membership is available to those businesses that are directly involved in the import, manufacture, wholesale, resale, fitment or promotion of performance automotive aftermarket products. Membership is 10% of the annual AAAA membership fee.

As a member of the AAAA and PRTC, you will have access to a range of products and services, including:

  • Free IR/HR advisory service, discounted insurance, vehicle registration data, foreign exchange, car rental and merchant banking services
  • Extensive support for businesses visiting and exhibiting at international trade shows (i.e. SEMA, PRI)
  • Invitation to all PRTC networking events, both locally and in conjunction with key international events
  • Exclusive access to all commissioned reports and surveys on the performance racing and tuning sector of the automotive industry
  • Discounted rates for exhibiting at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo.
  • Business marketing support through the supply of free editorial for the AAA magazine – the most distributed aftermarket publication.

What we’ve done:

  • Initiated the first ever Performance Industry Survey, allowing businesses to better understand the sector and where there is potential growth
  • Run a number of networking events to bring the industry together
  • Made a major submission to all states regarding the National Code of Practise for Light Vehicle Modifications
  • Held state by state briefing sessions between our members, and the state police and transport departments.
  • Advised a number of states regarding noise and emissions legislation changes
  • Managed several successful export missions for local manufactures interested in the Performance Racing industry in the United States
  • Set-up a Queensland Working Party to tackle key Performance product related concerns with the Transport Department


To join the AAAA and PRTC, click here. If you are an existing AAAA member and wish to add PRTC to your membership, contact us via email to

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