AAAA Submissions to the National Electric Vehicle Strategy

In September, the Federal Government released a consultation paper on the National Electric Vehicle Strategy. AAAA collaborated with representatives from all sectors of the automotive industry, comprising of the AADA, FCAI, NALSPA, MTAA and MTAs from each state, in making a joint submission with unified positions on electric vehicle policy. The submission, published as the ‘Automotive Industry Alliance’, provides an in depth overview of the automotive industry across all sectors, and provides positions on various policy areas including skills, incentives, taxation and targets.

Automotive Industry Alliance’s consultation submission – click HERE

AAAA also published a supplementary submission to provide an overview of our industry sector and recommendations specific to independent service and repair. This submission focused on the crucial role that independent workshops will play in the transition to electric vehicles, especially in ensuring that EVs are appropriately maintained across the entire cycle of ownership. Our recommendations included providing resources to training organisations to ramp up EV courses, and incentivising the early uptake of charging infrastructure and specialised equipment in workshops.

AAAA’s consultation submission – click HERE

AAAA continues to engage across the industry to support members with the EV transition. Talking is an important part of preparing for this transition so we all understand the challenges and opportunities, and we can deliver the best solution for workshops, suppliers, and consumers. Feel free to contact our Membership Managers for a chat if you have any questions or comments on the EV transition. 

[QLD/NT] Nigel Bishop
[VIC/TAS/SA] Dan Nelson
[NSW/ACT/WA] Tim Wells

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