Choice of Repairer

To assist independent workshops in debunking the “urban myth” that you must get your car serviced at an authorised dealership and use only “genuine” parts or you’ll risk voiding your new car warranty, the AAAA has produced a series of guides:

  • The Truth About Genuine Parts
  • The Truth About New Car Servicing
  • The Truth About Capped Price Servicing
  • The Truth About Vehicle Modifications

These guides are part of the AAAA Choice of Repairer initiative. This is a member driven campaign designed to help protect consumer choice and advocate for fair competition in the car service, repair and modification sector. The guides present the facts clearly and simply to educate consumers. They give independent workshops the confidence to have useful and informative conversations with their customers.

Workshop Guides

The Truth About
Genuine Parts

This guide explains the concept of “Genuine Parts” and provides definitions of different sources of parts available in the market. Including previously released Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) guidance on car parts. It outlines “best practice” workshop procedures in relation to parts ordering and the benefits of workshops communicating clearly with customers about the parts they are fitting.

The Truth About
New Car Servicing

This guide provides important information on every car owners’ rights under Australian Consumer Law as well as your obligations when servicing an in-warranty vehicle. It explains the different types of warranties offered, who can stamp the log book and essential workshop practices required to perform new car servicing.

The Truth About
Capped Price Servicing

This guide explains the concept of Capped Price Servicing and provides vital questions for you to share with your customers, to help them understand the details of a servicing plan they may be considering. It highlights potential conditions and limitations that may be encounted in common Capped Price Service plans.

The Truth About
Vehicle Modifications

This guide will answer the questions most frequently asked by customers when having their vehicles modified regarding warranties, ANCAP ratings and consumer law. It will help make the legal rights of the customer and of the modifier much clearer, as well as dispelling common myths about voiding manufacturer warranties and ANCAP ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Frequently Asked Questions document has been produced and designed for you to customise with your own business details, to give to your customers to provide them with the facts and peace of mind.

New Car Servicing Customer Education Pack

A ‘New Car Servicing Customer Education Pack’ is available for your business. To request a pack, please email

Each kit consists of:

IMPORTANTLY, the kits also come with complimentary legal support via the AAAA legal service if a customer has a valid warranty claim rejected on the basis that the car was serviced outside the dealership and / or had aftermarket parts fitted.

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